Five Great Travel Apps to Keep Track of Miles and Points

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Keeping track of miles and rewards is a tedious and kind of obsessive job if you have numerous rewards and miles accounts. While not everyone does, there are many of us who have rewards accounts with just about anyone we’ve ever used to travel. I have rewards accounts with JetBlue, Delta, American Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Hyatt Hotels, Starwood Hotels, IHG Hotels, Omni Hotels, and many more. I have them because I use them often and I like to keep track of them. I keep track of them because I get free nights, upgrades, miles and free flights. I like them because they are a great way to take advantage of all my traveling in the most beneficial way possible; earning free things.

How do I do it? With a spreadsheet, of course. I have my accounts all noted, my account numbers and stays, my balances and all that I need to know about them. If I’m planning a trip anywhere, I’ll check my accounts and see where I might benefit most from each one and then I will work my magic to see if a free night is worthwhile or whatnot. It’s not a difficult management skill for me, but it’s not for everyone. As a very ‘un’ technological person (my husband recently bought me the Apple Watch for Christmas because he thought it might help me stay on track with my schedule and help me do things differently and more easily, and I use it specifically so I can track my active calories burned and my steps for the day. Seriously; he should have just bought me the FitBit…but I do love the watch!), I am not into apps and things of that nature. However, I do have friends and readers and experts who swear by certain travel apps (because most of the world is technological and far more intelligent about it than I).

With that in mind, I’ve rounded up the best rated, most highly recommended travel apps for tracking miles and points so that you know where you stand in about a half a second, and so that you can make your life that much less stressful. You’re welcome.

Lounge Buddy – Free

All right, admittedly, this is less an organizational app and more of a beneficial app for your miles and points that we are throwing in for your convenience. The rest of these apps are great for keeping your points and miles organized, but this one is great for actual airline travel. If you’re using this many points and earning this many miles, we know you’re in the airport a lot. This app is currently offering a free credit for your purchase of any airport lounge access, and it shows you where to go to get out of the crowds, to hang out in the lounges in airports and how to purchase a pass. It also shows you were the lounges are located for your own personal lounge access that comes along with being a member of certain airlines as well as being the holder of certain credit cards.

Award Wallet – Free

This is a great app that allows you to track your miles and your flights. While some of the airlines that were once part of this app are no longer a part of this app thanks to security reasons, there are still several that allow you to track your miles with relative ease. For example, American Airlines is one that works with the app, allowing you to make the most of your mileage and your travels without much effort. Perhaps the best feature is that the app is free, though anyone is capable of paying a $5 fee for a six-month subscription to the Award Wallet Plus app that gives you a bit more for your money.

TripIt Pro – $49

I know, I know; it’s not cheap. It’s a lot of money for an app, but it is a one-time fee, so that makes it a bit more acceptable, does it not? Okay, so it’s a one-time fee each year. What this app does is organize and plan your trips for you, keeps track of your mileage, your rewards and everything else that you’ve earned during your travels. It keeps up with your flights and itineraries, emails you when you have something to do and it allows you to check on your information with mobile alerts such as a flight that changes gates or is delayed or there are any other changes. It’s a great organizational tool well worth the money. If you are a Barclaycard Arrival cardholder, you get the app free of charge as part of your card incentive.

TPG To Go – Free

This is a great app as offered by It helps you keep track of all your rewards cards and what you need to do to earn what you want. After all, when you sign up for a rewards card, you do so for the rewards, correct? This app allows you to keep track of each new card, how much you have left to spend to meet the requirements for bonus points, how many points you have and everything else you need to know about your miles and points. It’s a great app for anyone who wants to become a bit more organized while still doing less work to make yourself more organized.

Superfly – Free

This is a great app for your flight tracking and rewards. What you get with this app is the ability to track your accounts with loyalty programs, to search for flights and it allows you to manage multiple accounts on several different airlines so that you always know where you stand with your account. There are additional benefits and features, too, so that you are always on par with keeping up with your miles and travel. It’s a great option for families and for business accounts since it does allow you track many at one time. Not everyone can do that with one app, so this one proves itself beneficial time and time again.

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