Five of the Most Affordable Spring Break Destinations


Spring break is only a month away, and that means college students all over the world are looking into cheap spring break destinations in which they can invest a week of their life and likely years of their liver. Spring break is that one week every single year in which people feel the need to go out and get far too crazy to the point that they need an additional week off of class to recover from the week they just had off of class. Having never been into the spring break thing myself – I’ve always preferred fewer crowds, a more upscale locale and somewhere with a fabulous wine list – it’s difficult for me to suggest inexpensive places in which you can spend a week in March when there is a long list of other places so much more fun in the world. However, spring break is a rite of passage for some and who am I to suggest otherwise? So, for you and your friends, let me suggest five of the most affordable spring break locations you should look into this year. Additionally, allow me to also suggest that you go ahead and use this time to stock up on ibuprofen, water and work on a buddy system.

Daytona Beach

Daytona is probably the least expensive place on earth to go crazy at Spring Break, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and tell you not to go. As someone who lives only two hours from here, we avoid Daytona like the plague. It’s old, dirty and rundown, and it’s not the kind of place you want to go. It might be cheap, but you’d rather pay a bit more and have an experience. Now that my personal opinion is out of the way, let’s talk about how cheap it is to go to Daytona! You can go from your room to the beach, few things here are even remotely upscale, and you can even drive on the beach. Because why would you not want a car full of sand and hours to spend driving along the sand with your music blaring while you check out the people on the beach?


Mexico is a place that many people go for spring break, and Cancun is the place to go. There is a good mixture of high and low-end hotels here, a lot of all-inclusive hotel deals and a lot of fun to be had. It’s a good mixture of everything you’re looking for and of things that might better suit you and your group than others.  There are parties every night, there are wet tee shirt competitions and about a million other things you can do when you are here for spring break. The best part is that it’s so inexpensive to stay here and to fly here, so you can make this trip on a serious budget. One of the best parts about traveling to Cancun, too, is that you can hop from hotel to hotel with friends as they are literally hundreds along the gorgeous beaches. And the weather here is pretty much perfect year round, so you never have to worry about that.


Mississippi is not to be overrated. You can still spend time on the beach, but you can also gamble. That’s what makes this location one that’s really worthwhile for students looking to get away. It’s a much smaller version of Vegas, and a much less exciting version of Vegas, but it’s a place you can go to enjoy some time on the beach, in the casinos and in a place that’s not quite as busy and crazy as some of the other locations along the beach. There are plenty of southern places to spend time on the beach, but not all of them are as inexpensive and affordable as Biloxi. You have a lot to choose from here in terms of location and where to stay, which means there is something for virtually every budget. And this location is also within driving distance of many other amazing places along the Gulf Coast, which gives you a lot more to do while on spring break than just lie around.

Myrtle Beach

South Carolina is one of the most amazing places in the country, and that’s why you should go when you choose somewhere fabulous to spend your spring break. Myrtle Beach is filled with hotels and cottages that will meet your budget, fun places and gorgeous beaches. And there is nothing quite like the southern hospitality you will find when you are in the Carolinas. We highly recommend this location when you’re choosing an affordable location for spring break. The weather here is lovely, but the downfall is that it isn’t always. It might be perfect for spending time in the beach, but it also might be too cool to enjoy the water or the beach. It’s all dependent on the year, and this is something you might want to look into ahead of time. For example, if it’s been abnormally warm before spring break, chances are good that the weather might hold up for you. Otherwise, understand that you might have a beautiful, but cool, spring break here.

South Padre Island

This Texas location is a huge hot spot for spring breakers. Filled with beach bars, hotels, motels and everything in between, there are millions of people here every year to enjoy all that South Padre Island has to offer. You’ll find wild fun, extreme memories and just about everything you could ever imagine when you book a trip here. For the most part, this is a place that people bring their kids throughout the year but it gets wild around spring break when it’s overrun by students. The nightlife and affordable accommodations make it a favorite among people centrally located in the US that can’t or don’t want to travel far. There are options that allow you to share rooms, too, so that you can afford ocean front accommodations on a budget.

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