How To Find Cheap Hotels In New York City

Visiting New York City Does Not Have To Break The Bank

how to get a cheap hotel in New York

We all have a different idea of a cheap hotel room in New York City, and that’s based on our personal preferences, our standards and what we’re used to. This means it might be a bit difficult for me to tell you where to find cheap hotels in NYC because my idea of cheap might not be your idea of cheap. For me, I prefer a four to five star hotel, and I like them when they’re not priced ridiculously. For others, anything over $100 a night is not considered cheap. We are all different, which is why I’m going to help everyone figure out how to find cheap hotels in NYC that fit your budget and your standards. There is no accounting here for individual preference, but more so for the general purpose of saving money on hotel rooms that will certainly provide you with what it is you are looking for in addition to what it is you are going to get. Here are a few ways you can get a cheap room in NYC.

Bid On Hotel Rooms

Sites such as and allow you to make your own bids on hotels in any city based on your personal preferences. You can choose the neighborhood, the star level, the guest rating and even the amenities, see what the average price is and then bid on a room using your own preferred price. This often works to allow people to get the room they want at a price they can afford.

Book Through the Hotel

You can always check the actual hotel website for the prices and information on a particular room. Even if you use a travel site to do this, you might miss out on the best prices. Hotel sites offer special discounts from time to time that might make finding a cheap room really easy. You may also check if they have Hotel Oceanfront Balcony rooms if you are looking for a place to stay near the beach.

Use Reward Points

If you have a credit card or some other hotel account that provides you with reward points, use these to book a free room or at least to lower the price of a NYC hotel room. It can be very beneficial to do this when you’re traveling because it can save you a lot more money than just about any other travel savings method.

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