Fashion and Style Advice from a Frequent Flyer

As a frequent flyer (currently grounded because of my 3rd trimester twin bed rest instructions and desire to keep these babies right where they are for another eight weeks) there are a few things that I always do before I board a flight – or during my flight. One of the things I’ve noticed is that those who don’t fly often are a little confused about how to travel comfortably but with style and not look like they just stepped out of bed and crawled into the airport. Here are three of my favorite frequent flyer beauty tips; I’m happy to share them with you because they took me a long time to realize.

Long Flights = No Makeup

If I’m going to be on a plane for more than two hours, I don’t wear much makeup. Just a base powder foundation and a little gloss but that’s it. Why? There’s something about being on a plane that’s made me realize that the longer I’m on there, the less makeup I have left on my face – or at least the correct areas of my face – and I end up in need of a giant fix before we land. Take your makeup with you and apply it before you land. You’ll thank me later.

Drink Water

If you’re prone to bloating, drink plenty of water and skip the other beverage selections. Even if you’re not prone to bloating, drink plenty of water. The air in a plane is going to sap your skin completely dry of moisture and leave you feeling like a frog or an alligator-skin handbag – which is not gorgeous on your body. Additionally, bring the moisturizer with so you can reapply when you start to feel dry. Just remember to keep it in a container of 3 oz. or less.

Skip Trendy Clothes

As a frequent flyer, you learn quickly that there is a way to dress on a plane that’s comfortable and still not in your pajamas or hideous sweat suit. Skip the trendy clothes. Even if you’re going somewhere cold, forgo the boots – they’re no fun to remove at security and they’re not comfortable to wear on a tight flight for hours at a time. Ballet flats are my favorite plane shoe. I like them with stretchy skinny jeans, a comfortable tee and a blazer. It’s stylish but comfortable and it always keeps me warm and gives me the option to remove a layer if I get too warm.

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