Easy Ways to Schedule Productive Work Time During Travel Lulls


We’ve said it before, and we will say it again; travel is the only thing you can buy with money that makes you rich (save for the winning lottery ticket). It’s the only thing you can physically purchase that will make you richer, because it makes you richer in a way that is priceless. You cannot put a price on experience. Think about it; how many times have you been somewhere or done something and not been able to put a price on it? The memories you make, the experiences you get to have, and the fact that you get to see and do and live through things that some people only dream of is priceless.

On the flip side, travel can often be a bit of a burden. For someone like myself who works from home, it means working ahead most of the time to take time off. It means finding someone to keep our kids, get them to and from school. It means remembering to calling the credit card company to let them know we are traveling. It means so many things, but it always means there is a certain lack of productivity. When my husband and I travel with our kids, I get nothing done that’s related to being productive. When we travel alone, however, I’m quick to take advantage of flights to get work done, respond to emails (thank goodness for FlyFi) and get caught up on things that I would ordinarily put off until the beginning of the week or the end of the weekend when I arrive home.

For many of us, being unproductive while traveling is not an option, which leaves us wondering how we are going to stay productive while also enjoying ourselves. I have a few tips that might help you in the process, so pay attention. This might make your next vacation even more enjoyable than ever before.

Create a to-do list

What is it that you need to do when you are traveling? Do you need to schedule social media posts or blog posts in advance? Do you need to get caught up on emails so that you don’t come home super behind and stressed out? Do you need to make the grocery list for the week since you’re coming home Sunday afternoon and want to run to the supermarket on your way home since once you get there you certainly will not be going out again for groceries?

It doesn’t matter what you have to do, write it down. I keep a Lilly Pulitzer agenda on my desk at all times, and it goes into by bag when I travel. I’m fine with my phone calendar, but I prefer the feeling of pen and paper. It allows me to see my schedule and make notes without closing out one app or going into another or bothering with different settings.

Bring the important items along

I don’t like to ‘work’ when I’m traveling. There is no point; I’m not able to concentrate fully on my actual work when I’m elsewhere. I like to spend my time enjoying the things I don’t get to do daily, such as sleeping in, lounging with my coffee and being a tourist. I never travel with my laptop. I do, however, bring my iPad Pro. This allows me to write blog posts and take care of emails while I’m traveling. I could use my iPhone, but we all know that the iPad is far easier to type on with the keyboard than a phone when responding to dozens of emails each and every day.

Whatever you need to do what you need to do, pack it in your handbag so it is easily accessible to you at all times. That’s the best way to ensure you are aware of what needs doing, and you have it on you at all times.

Schedule the time

For me, the time I get things done is during my flights. I don’t even bother trying to work in the airport since I typically enjoy a cocktail with my husband while we’re there. However, the moment we board our flight, I pull out my iPad and start responding to emails. I put it away when it’s time, and then I log onto the airline’s WiFi when it’s accessible.

Additionally, if I have to make any calls, I schedule these on the drive from the airport to our hotel. If we are in a cab or using a car service, it’s best. However, I have no problem scheduling calls when we have a rental car and my husband is driving. Now I’m finally checking into my hotel and I’ve already gotten ahead on things I no longer have to think about. Instead, I get to enjoy myself and really have a good time – all while being productive.

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