How You Can Earn Four Free Flights Every Single Year


It costs over $900 per ticket most of the time when my family and I visit my grandmother in northern Texas. That’s right; $900 per ticket. It’s a lot less expensive if you buy well in advance, but my extended family often does not make up their mind about the dates of our family reunions until the last possible moment since just about everyone but me and my husband and our four kids are close enough to drive. The last minute planning is not a problem for them the way that it is for us. We love to see my grandmother, but we don’t love ticket prices. We love to spend time with her, but we are usually only there for two nights; that’s a lot of money to spend on plane fare to Texas from Florida for only two nights. We’ve been to Hawaii, Jamaica and about 2 dozen other amazing locations across the world for less than half the price that we pay to fly our family to Texas.

That’s why we love free flights. We love to cash in our frequent flyer miles and rewards when we go to my grandmother’s because it is far more cost-effective. Some people might immediately assume that free flights should be saved to go overseas or to go to Hawaii or some other tropical location, but those tickets are often less expensive for us. And that’s why you have to be very careful how you claim your free flights. So what if I were to tell you that you could earn free flights all the time? As in, several per year? Would you believe me? Would you be interested? If you want to learn how to travel free of charge, you might want to read on. If you like paying for your flights, allow me to suggest another article.

Let me just start by saying that this is not a simple task; and it’s not quick. You’re going to put forth a lot of work and effort to earn free flights, but it’s worth it in the end of your pocketbook works on a budget. If you have plenty of disposable income, this might be something you find is not as beneficial to you.

Join the Travel Hacking Cartel

It’s a site co-owned by Chris Guillebeau. At the tender age of 37, he has already been to every country in the world, and he does not pay for his flights. Instead, he co-owns this site so that he and the people who own the site with him can help their friends, family and everyone else interested in free travel learn how to make it work for them. First, you will sign up for this site. It makes the entire process that much simpler for all involved. Your membership is going to show you when amazing deals are available. The cost can be quite high, as much as $39 per month depending on what you are looking for. But the good news is that the site claims that you can earn 100,000 miles, enough for four free flights per year, in the first year or you get a full refund on your monthly payments. Not a bad deal, right?

This site allows you to learn how to travel hack in a way that makes traveling free of charge at the end of the day. For example, when one of the founders of the site was able to spend $5000 on stickers at one point in his life. The stickers were essentially useless, but they were able to be sold. The purchased earned him 800,000 airline miles. That allowed him to travel the world free of charge for over two and a half years. That’s 32 free flights; far more flights that most people could purchase with $5000 any other time. It was a purchase that might seem ridiculous, but was completely worth it to him.

The point of this site is that other people do the work for you. You get to earn airline miles doing things that you might not originally know to do, and it’s because someone else is doing it for you. The cartel does all the work and you just sign up for the excitement of it all. It works out for everyone involved because it is such a great deal. You can earn points and miles through things like credit card promotions, special deals from companies that are offering them and so much more. According to the founders of the Cartel, American Airlines was recently offering 1,000 free airline miles to anyone who just took the time to watch 6 videos online. That was basically nothing, and travelers were given a huge reward for it. It was a nice way for those people to earn a little bit of money and enjoy their trips.

The biggest factor that this site tries to share is that airline miles are not worthless. So many people feel that they are because they cannot use them, earn them or whatever quickly enough. It does take work, and it does take knowledge. But once you are good at what you do, you will realize that you can do things like earn miles when you are napping, working, shopping or anything else that you do in life. Once you know how to earn them and use them, it’s simple. You can live your entire life earning at least 4 flights every single year free of charge, which means you can see the world and all that it has to offer. What’s not to love about that?

We vote that you give it a try, learn to earn your miles and enjoy the world. Everyone can travel no matter your budget, if you just know what you are doing. Take the time, get to know what you’re doing and see if it’s worth it for you. If it is not, you get your money back at the end of the year, so that’s something to consider, too.

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