Answers to Travel Questions Commonly Asked by Travelers

Summer is in full swing and the holidays are fast approaching, which means everyone has travel on the brain. In between dreaming of fabulous destinations and ensuring that your trip is perfect, you might have some pretty good questions about booking travel. Whether you book travel regularly or you are a first time traveler, knowing the answers to the most common travel questions can help ease the stress of planning your much anticipated vacation.

When Should I Book?

Many people will tell you to book right away, but if your trip is pretty far away, you don’t want to book too far in advance. The best bet for booking is to book your domestic travel three to four months in advance and your international travel five to six months. This allows you to find the best prices. For example, my husband and I spent a few weeks in Hawaii a few years ago. We booked our tickets three months before we departed and paid $400 per ticket less than the cost of a flight five months before our trip and $250 less than the price of tickets the week before we left.

Is There a Best Day to Travel?

The general rule of thumb is to book your flight for a Wednesday. Not only is it the least expensive day to fly, it is not as busy as many of the other days of the week. Try to fly midmorning to avoid work travelers on their way to out-of-state meetings. You’ll be glad you did.

How Can I Save the Most?

If you aren’t really that particular about where you stay, bidding for your travel on Priceline can be a good deal. For example, you can choose to stay at a four or five star hotel only, name the price you want to pay per night, and wait to see if one of the four or five star hotels in your chosen destination will accept your offer. Chances are good that one will, but you won’t know which hotel until after your reservation is secure. Of course, choosing a four or five star hotel means you’ll get a great one no matter which brand.


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