15 Amazing Facts About the Hospitality Industry

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You might not believe these 15 amazing facts about the hospitality industry, but take it from someone who’s been there. It’s very real.

People do steal a lot from hotels


It doesn’t matter if a person is rich or dirt poor. If they can find their way into a hotel room, a lot of them will take what they can.

McDonalds was once featured in a couple of hotels


It didn’t work, but then it’s fair to say that a fast food chain in an upscale hotel isn’t something people are used to seeing.

Indian Americans own a huge portion of hotels


It’s an interesting statistic to be certain. But it’s also a wise investment on the part of many people since folks will always need a place to stay.

Dubai has the world’s tallest hotel


In the last couple of decades, Dubai has become a seriously big deal. Getting there is spendy, as is staying there, but plenty of people talk about it.

Hotels vary throughout the world


Wouldn’t it be boring if they were all the same? Most hotels will cater to their guests in a way that makes sense given the region and expectations.

A five-star hotel is just a hotel with a lot of glitz


Honestly, it’s four walls and a ceiling with a lot more money poured into it. At the end of the day though, it’s another place to stay when one needs it.

Some hotel rooms can go for six digits a night


There aren’t that many that go for this much, thankfully, but Las Vegas does have a location that rents out a room for this much. Go figure, Sin City.

It’s a billion-dollar industry


This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since hotels are necessary for a lot of people. From those taking a road trip to businessmen and women, hotels are a year-round business.

The oldest hotel in the world is roughly 1,300 years old


That’s staying power for you, right? But it does sound like Japan would be one of the top picks for having the oldest hotel around.

There is a cruise ship that has permanent residents


This type of thing isn’t the norm, but it’s certainly interesting. One can imagine that getting off the ship is like a vacation.

Interest in hotel management services has increased as a career option


Once upon a time, it was kind of a calling or a burden to be hotel management. But while not much has changed, there are a lot of people who see this as a viable career option.

There are typically more women than men working in hospitality


It might sound like an imbalance, but for whatever reason, it does appear that women are drawn to this industry far more than men. On the other hand, more of those who build and maintain these places are men.

Traveling for pleasure is still more preferred than traveling for business


Duh, right? It’s so much nicer to travel and have no real responsibilities than to be on a deadline.

The largest hotel in the world has over 7,300 rooms


Located in Malaysia, this place is huge in a way that many can’t comprehend. The size of a hotel doesn’t always matter, but more availability can equal greater profit.

Not every hotel has its own laundry facilities


Most hotels will have a laundry room for the guests or even their own facilities. But a lot of places will hire a service to take care of linens, uniforms, etc.


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