Affordable Ideas for the Perfect Babymoon


Babies make for a great addition to any family, and a babymoon makes for a great pre-baby getaway so that you can celebrate some time to yourselves before live changes so completely. Let’s face it; life has already changed so completely. But it’s about to change even more, and this is your last opportunity to pick up and go without worrying about traveling with kids, about finding a sitter for the kids while you’re gone and it’s certainly the last time you will ever go on a vacation without kids and without constant worry that they’re all right. You’ll miss them forever when you travel after their birth, and now is the last stress-free vacation you’re ever going to take. The key is, however, to find a babymoon location that will allow you to really travel stress free since you don’t want to break the bank. We have a few options that might just make you pretty happy.


You can take a cruise and feel relaxed while pregnant. The only advice we have to offer, however, is that you do this prior to your 24th week of pregnancy. Most cruise lines will not allow you to travel after that during your pregnancy. The prices are very low and affordable, and they’re almost all-inclusive. But since you won’t be drinking anything but water, you’re keeping the bill low.


These tropical resorts make for a great getaway. You can eat all you want – nice during pregnancy – and enjoy all that the resort has to offer without actually worrying about your funds. It’s a nice way to travel, and it’s going to make for one memorable babymoon.

A Mountain Cabin

There is nothing more relaxing than a beautiful view in a beautiful location. Renting houses in the mountains is an exceptionally affordable venture, and you can do just about anything you want. Choose a location that’s close to a quaint town or city and you’ll be able to shop, dine and sightsee to your heart’s content.

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