A Staycation Can Be A Fun Family Vacation To Make A Lot Of Memories

The staycation is a relatively new concept.  The idea may not be a new one but the term and all that it implies is.  What the word staycation basically means is that you are staying home for your vacation but you are still going to have a lot of fun.  You are going to use that time that you would have went out-of-town to relax and enjoy all kinds of fun activities that you never took time to enjoy before.

There are some keys you should follow for a successful staycation.  First of all, do you clean on vacation?  No.  Therefore, you wouldn’t clean on your staycation.  Make a deal with yourself that you won’t do anything that isn’t absolutely necessary while you are on staycation.  This means you do the dishes and maybe a bit of necessary laundry and the rest will wait until staycation is over.  If it helps you, take a day before your staycation to clean your home and get it in order so you won’t be distracted by the mess while you are spending time with your family.

Secondly, plan ahead of time for your staycation just like you would a vacation.  When you go on vacation, you take time to map out activities and restaurants you want to eat at.  Do the same thing for your staycation.  Make a plan for each day.

The reason that most people choose to do a staycation is because they are on a budget.  So, stay in that frame of mind when you plan your staycation.  Take in matinée shows instead of evening ones.  Go out to lunch instead of dinner.  Pack a picnic lunch instead of going out at all.  Take advantage of all the beautiful scenery around where you live that you can enjoy for free. With a bit of planning and creativity, this staycation could be your best vacation yet.


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