3 Reasons You Need a Summer Vacation Right Away

As summer begins its ascent into fall, with July coming to an end and August seeming to fly by what with back to school shopping for the kids and end of summer parties to attend, it’s the perfect time to consider why you need a summer vacation. Even if you don’t think you have time, or you think you’ve traveled enough this summer, now is the time to consider that you really haven’t. Here are three signs you desperately need one last summer vacation this year.

You’re Running on Autopilot

When you drive the kids to dance class, make lunch, and do three loads of laundry and realize that you don’t remember doing any of it, chances are good that you are running on autopilot. It’s time to stop doing dishes and laundry and start packing a bag because you need a vacation. You don’t have to go anywhere extravagant, you just have to go somewhere you won’t see laundry or anything that will distract you from relaxation.

Your Kids Have Never Been More Annoying

I have two kids, so I get annoying. I love them more than life itself, but trust me, I get annoying. There are days they make me insane, and when those days happen, I know that it’s time for momma to take a break. If you can’t leave them behind for a long time, either go on a short trip or just take them with you. It’s amazing how much less annoying they are at the beach than in your living room. Sometimes you all just need a summer vacation.

You Can’t Concentrate

One of the most obvious signs you need a vacation this summer is the fact that you can no longer concentrate on anything. From the sound of your husband’s voice to the road when you’re driving to your coworkers during presentations, if you cannot remember any of it, you need a vacation.


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