15 Mysterious Places People Are Forbidden To Visit

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Throughout history, places have been deemed too dangerous, sacred, or classified for public access. These forbidden locations have sparked intrigue and speculation among adventurers and conspiracy theorists alike. While we may never be able to visit these locations, the stories and legends surrounding them continue to fascinate us. Here are 15 mysterious locations that you can’t visit.

North Sentinel Island, India

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Inhabited by an isolated tribe hostile to outsiders, access to the island is strictly prohibited to protect visitors and the indigenous people’s way of life. Government regulations aim to preserve the tribe’s cultural autonomy and prevent potential conflicts or exploitation of the vulnerable community.

Area 51, Nevada, USA

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Shrouded in secrecy, this military installation in Nevada, USA, restricts public access to safeguard classified operations and technologies. It remains off-limits due to national security concerns, fostering speculation and intrigue among conspiracy theorists and the curious alike.

Surtsey Island, Iceland

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Access to Surtsey Island, Iceland, is restricted to scientists who want to preserve its pristine ecosystem’s natural evolution. The ban aims to prevent human interference and safeguard the island’s unique flora and fauna. This isolation ensures that researchers can study the island’s ecological development without disturbance, offering invaluable insights into natural processes.

Snake Island, Brazil


Off-limits to the public because of safety concerns, Snake Island in Brazil harbors the deadly Golden Lancehead Viper, one of the world’s deadliest snakes. With an estimated density of one snake per square meter, access is strictly prohibited to protect visitors from the venomous inhabitants’ potential danger.

Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican City

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Access to the Vatican Secret Archives is restricted because of the sensitive nature of its historical documents, spanning centuries of papal history. Only select scholars and researchers are granted entry under strict supervision, ensuring the preservation and confidentiality of the invaluable records housed within its walls.

Poveglia Island, Italy


With a dark history of plague victims and mental asylum patients, it’s off-limits to the public. Safety concerns and eerie legends surround the island. Its dark past and potential paranormal activity contribute to its exclusion from public access.

Bohemian Grove, California, USA

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Bohemian Grove is a secretive retreat for the world’s elite. Access is restricted to members, fostering speculation about clandestine activities within its secluded grounds. Over the years, people have speculated as to what goes on in this private place. 

The Coca-Cola Vault, Georgia, USA

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The Coca-Cola Vault in Georgia guards the secret formula of the world-famous soft drink. Access is restricted to a select few, preserving the recipe’s mystery and ensuring its confidentiality for the company’s competitive advantage.

Metro-2, Russia

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Access to Metro-2, Russia, remains off-limits to the public because of its alleged status as a secret underground metro system serving Moscow’s elite. The Russian government officially denies its existence, leading to strict restrictions to prevent unauthorized entry and maintain the secrecy surrounding its purported operations.

Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, Virginia, USA

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The area serves as a covert facility for government continuity. Strict restrictions bar unauthorized access, safeguarding its critical role in ensuring national security and disaster response readiness away from prying eyes and potential threats.

RAF Menwith Hill, England

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Access to RAF Menwith Hill in England is restricted to maintain security protocols and protect sensitive intelligence operations. The facility serves as a crucial intelligence-gathering station, and limitations on public entry ensure confidentiality and operational effectiveness. Unauthorized access is prohibited to uphold national security interests and prevent potential threats.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway


The Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway, or what people call the Dooms Day Vault, restricts public access to safeguard its crucial role in preserving the world’s crop diversity. Strict security measures ensure protection against potential threats, including natural disasters and human interference. 

White’s Gentlemen’s Club, England


An exclusive private club, access is limited to members and guests, preserving its elite status and privacy. It’s one of London’s oldest gentlemen’s clubs, originally a chocolate shop. The strict entry policy preserves its traditional atmosphere, making it a sanctuary for high society. 

Mezhgorye, Russia

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Access to Mezhgorye, Russia, is strictly forbidden by the government. Speculated to house secret nuclear facilities, its true purpose remains undisclosed. The tight control fuels intrigue and speculation, preventing public entry and maintaining the area’s enigmatic status.

Google Data Centers, Various Locations


Guarding vast amounts of user data, access is restricted to authorized personnel. This ensures protection against potential breaches and protects the privacy and confidentiality of information stored within these facilities.


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