15 In-Flight Habits That Could Be Annoying Flight Attendants

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Flying can be a unique experience, offering more safety than any other means of transport and a chance to roll with the clouds. However, certain behaviors can unknowingly irk flight attendants amidst the excitement of air travel. While most passengers aim to be courteous, there are common actions that can inadvertently make their job more challenging. We’ll show you 15 things you might do as a passenger that flight attendants might not like.

Excessive Use of the Call Button


Flight attendants are there to assist you, but pressing the call button too much can disrupt their workflow and prevent them from promptly attending to other passengers’ needs. Use the button judiciously and only for urgent requests.

Misplaced Items in the Overhead Bin


Placing your belongings in an overhead bin far from your seat can cause delays when retrieving them, especially if you need something. Flight attendants may also need to assist you, which can take up their time and disrupt their duties.

Slow Decision-Making with the Menu

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Taking a long time to decide on your meal can slow down the entire service for other passengers. Flight attendants have limited time to serve all passengers, so quick decision-making helps ensure that people receive their food on time.

Requesting Multiple Drinks at Once

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While it’s understandable to want to minimize interruptions, asking for multiple drinks at once can be challenging for flight attendants to manage. It is more efficient to order one drink at a time to ensure quick service for everyone.

Premature Standing When the Seatbelt Sign is Off


Standing up as soon as the seatbelt sign is off can be unsafe, as unexpected turbulence can occur. Flight attendants need all passengers to remain seated until the aircraft has completely stopped and it is safe to move around the cabin.

Leaving Trash in the Seatback Pocket


Leaving trash in the seatback pocket creates extra work for flight attendants who must clean the aircraft between flights. It’s considerate to dispose of your waste correctly in the provided receptacles.

Attempting to Use the Lavatory During Turbulence

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Using the lavatory during turbulence can be dangerous for passengers and flight attendants. It’s essential to follow safety guidelines and remain seated with your seatbelt fastened till the roughness has passed.

Holding Up the Boarding or Deplaning Process

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Taking too long to board or deplane can delay the flight and inconvenience other passengers. Keep your boarding pass and ID close, follow the flight crew’s instructions, and move promptly to your seat or exit when directed.

Reclining Your Seat During Meal Service


Reclining your seat during meal service can make it difficult for the person behind you to eat comfortably. Keep your seat upright to allow easier access to the tray table.

Loud Talking or Playing Music Without Headphones


Being loud or playing music without headphones can disturb other passengers and disrupt the peaceful cabin environment. Use headphones for audio entertainment and keep conversations at a reasonable volume.

Ignoring Safety Instructions


Ignoring safety directives, such as using electronic devices when not allowed, can jeopardize the safety of the flight. Follow all instructions from the flight crew so that the journey is safe and comfortable for all.

Putting Feet Up


Putting your feet up on bulkhead walls or other seats can damage the aircraft and is generally considered impolite. It’s important to keep your feet on the floor and respect the furnishings to ensure a pleasant journey for everyone.

Asking to Change Seats Multiple Times

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While it’s understandable to want a more comfortable seat, requesting to change seats numerous times can be disruptive and challenging for flight attendants to manage, especially if the flight is full. Choose your seat when you book your ticket, and try to make the most of your assigned seat during the flight.

Demanding for Special Treatment

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Asking for special treatment, such as preferential seating or extra amenities, can be unfair to other passengers and put flight attendants in a difficult position. It’s best to respect the rules and policies in place for all passengers.

Bringing Strong-Smelling Foods on Board


Bringing strong-smelling foods on board can be bothersome to other passengers, especially in the confined space of an aircraft. Choose foods that are less pungent or eat before boarding to minimize odors.


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