15 American States With The Most Unhappy People


Measuring happiness can be tricky as experiences and expectations vary. While some states boast impressive levels of contentment and life satisfaction, others struggle with issues that impact their residents’ happiness. Based on certain realities and information, we will show you 15 states that are some of the unhappiest in the U.S. Read on to learn about them.

West Virginia


Despite its stunning mountainous terrain and rich history, the state grapples with economic challenges. Too much poverty and not enough job opportunities contribute to a sense of financial insecurity, affecting overall well-being.



While wielding its picturesque landscapes and Southern charm, this state faces ongoing struggles. Economic imbalance and limited access to standard healthcare affect the overall quality of life.



Poverty rates and poor healthcare are significant factors affecting Mississippi. Even with its warm hospitality and rich cultural heritage, its contention with these impacts how happy people are.



The bourbon and bluegrass music state deals with troubles that affect residents’ happiness. Economic issues, such as low median income and scary poverty rates, contribute to a sense of financial insecurity.



With its deep-rooted history and Southern charm, Alabama faces various obstacles. Economic disparities and how hard it is to enjoy quality healthcare are significant problems affecting the well-being of many.


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This state, which has a vibrant culture and delicious cuisine, also has its issues. Economic issues, like poverty and income inequality, contribute to a sense of financial insecurity. Additionally, crime is high.


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Although diverse landscapes and friendly communities may be among its advantages, Oklahoma has its flaws. Economic factors, including poverty and insufficient job opportunities, are a few among many.


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The hospitable and musical state of Tennessee has its share of sad residents. Concerns include economic disparities and limited access to quality healthcare.



You’ll find a mix of urban and rural lifestyles in Missouri, but let’s look at its disadvantages. Economic problems, such as poverty and income inequality, are just some of its concerns.


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This state has natural beauty and outdoor recreation. However, it also has economic and healthcare disparities and needs help with education funding.


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Poverty is no joke in the state, and residents struggle to afford the huge costs of healthcare. Ohio, with its rich industrial history and diverse culture, would be better off without these problems.


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The sports-loving and hospitable state has unhappy people. Why? Economic disparities have grown there, their healthcare is among the worst, and the state’s education system needs more funding.



It’s famous for Las Vegas and its entertainment scene, so what brings sadness here? Economic instability is one, and poor healthcare, including doctor shortages and long waits, is two. High housing costs are another.

Rhode Island


Despite its coastal beauty, you’ll still find sad faces there. Because the cost of living is not favorable, and the educational system needs help.

New Mexico

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Its diverse culture and scenic landscapes will make you happy, but other things will make you sad. Their poverty rate is far higher than the national average, and the wage inequality is enormous.


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