The Top Ten New Craft Trends for 2015


It seems that just about everyone is jumping on the DIY train these days. Craft trends have always been something that the truly creative have dealt with and the rest of us have ignored. We might make some crafts with our kids from time to time. We might associate crafts with Sunday School and regular kindergarten classes, but for many years we just ignored crafts and went about our business. Suddenly, however, crafts are very en vogue. Perhaps it was the introduction of websites such as Etsy and Pinterest and Instagram in recent years that shows us we can make anything we want in no time at all with virtually no skill required. We can get online, look at one of these sites and immediately decide we can take an old egg carton and whip up a brand new chic and sophisticated couch in no time at all. We can do it. Well, most of us can’t do that, exactly, but we can make things and create things and change our lives as far as crafts are concerned. If you’re into the crafting thing, perhaps you’ll want to know what kind of projects you will be creating this year.

Glitter and Gold Mugs

We’re seeing them everywhere because people are just so in love with them they just cannot stand it. Glittery and gold mugs for coffee and tea drinkers are everywhere. They’re all over the place. All it takes is a little bit of gold marker, some creative sayings, glue and glitter, a cheap mug and an oven and you could start your own craft store selling these babies to just about everyone on the planet.


People love handwriting and pretty things, and more and more of them are learning to create their own calligraphy these days. This means that more and more people are going to learn this art and make their own creative projects around the house. From beautiful sayings mounted in frames to lovely cards handmade at home, these are going to make for gorgeous gifts and crafts for men and women alike.


It’s something your grandmother likely did when you were growing up, maybe even something your mother did. However, it’s been out of ‘style’ for many years and something that no one bothered with. Thanks to sweet baby gifts, beautiful scarves and blankets and the idea of creating little shops on sites such as Etsy, more and more people are learning to knit and create their own one-of-a-kind pieces that will make the entire family as happy as possible.


Who knew ceramics would ever come back into style? Seriously, we haven’t seen ceramics we enjoyed so much since we watched Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost about a hundred years ago. However, the concept of ceramics is coming back into style, and people are making them left and right. They’re being turned into flower pots from front yards and just about everything in between. Get ready to get a bit dirty in 2015.

DIY Pillow Covers

From cute sayings to holiday décor, pillow covers are becoming so much more popular than ever. We’re seeing a lot of people buy ugly throw pillows for just a few dollars and then turn them into exciting pieces that have everything and anything on them. From sayings for newlyweds to covers for every single holiday of the year, these are big and trendy right now. We love them, and we think that most people will love them, too.

Mason Jars

They have not lost their purpose in the New Year, and will continue to be one of the biggest crafting trends this year. The mason jar is one of the coolest things that has ever come into existence since you can use it for any purpose imaginable. From turning them into vases to turning them into dishes to turning them into creative storage concepts for just about every room in the house, there is absolutely no reason you cannot make this something very unique and personalized to you. The mason jar is one of the best products around.

Anything Plaid

It doesn’t matter what it is; if it’s plaid, it’s a craft trend in 2015. From making sweaters with plaid elbow patches to your own scarf to blankets to picture frames to everything in between, it’s all about the plaid this year. We love plaid; and plaid loves us. It’s a nice concept that does make for an interesting crafty project, especially when it comes to style and home decor.


Everything needs to be personalized these days. From your cup to your mug to your car to your shirt to your hat; everything must have your initials or monogram or name on it. So much for strangers not knowing who you are, right? It’s become something that is so common and so trendy that few things in life are not monogrammed anymore, and we believe it’s because people just love to see something pretty on what they wear or carry with them. So get ready to see a lot more personalization this year. The craft is big.


Old furniture is no longer something you just toss to the side and ignore. The biggest trend has become something wonderful, something beautiful; it’s called upcycling and everyone is doing it this year. You’re going to find that this is something that allows you to breathe new life into old pieces, make them into something better and more impressive. Old dressers turned into bars, old tables turned into desks; the options are limitless.

Rope It

Suddenly rope is everywhere. Perhaps it’s that whole Navy or Coast Guard appeal, or perhaps more women than ever are just excited about the 50 Shades books and upcoming movies. We don’t really know. All we know is that suddenly everything has rope around it. From picture frames tied with rope to flower pots covered in rope, roping things is big time in as far as trendy craft projects go. Everyone is making them and everyone loves them; so get some rope and start tying it around everything you own. It’s chic.

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