To Divorce Or To Stay Married? A Hard Question To Answer

All marriages have their rough patches.  So, how do you know it is time to call it quits and call the family law attorney to file for divorce?

Divorce is often jumped into too quickly with as little thought as one gives to making their weekly grocery list.  While there are certainly occasions filing for divorce is necessary, don’t be so quick to file.

Did you know that studies have shown that people in difficult marriage that hang in there are generally happy again when they are checked in on again in five years.  Just because your circumstances are difficult now does not mean they will always be.  Instead of choosing to get out, hang in there and try to work on things.  Try to nurture your relationship and light the flame if it has gone out.

People divorce far too easily these days.  I know there are cases where people need out of a marriage for very difficult or dangerous reasons.  Adultery is an extremely hard problem to work through but it can be done.  In the case of abuse, you should leave the home immediately.  Sometimes the abuser will accept help and wants to change and sometimes they do not.  If that is the case you are really left with little choice.  Substance abuse is another situation where divorce may be necessary.  All of these situations mentioned make divorce more of an option than if you just don’t feel the same for one another any more.

Divorce is a personal decision that only you can decide whether to pursue.  But one thing is certain; you should give a lot of time and thought to whatever decision you make.  It will not only impact you but many other lives as well.  Make sure you are doing what is best for all of you.


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