Tips That Will Help You Be Better at Anything

Everyone wants to be better at something. Some want to be more ambitious at work. Others want to be a more engaging hostess, a better mom, a better friend, a better wife, a better cook or more adventurous. Most people want to be better at something. While I cannot tell you how to be better at everything – or even anything, really – I can offer expert advice that can get you started on the path to becoming better at whatever it is you desire to improve about you.

Don’t Worry

Worry is a waste of time that does not do anything productive for your life. No matter what you want to do or what you want to improve about your life, worrying about it is not going to help the situation. Instead of worrying, try using this time to reflect on what you can improve next time you encounter a similar situation or how you can remedy your current situation.

Accept Your Limitations

If you cannot accomplish 25 things in one day, don’t put 25 things on your list of things to-do. You cannot get better at anything if you don’t recognize your limitations. And don’t mistake limitations for failure; having limitations does not make you a failure. Not recognizing that you have limitations, however, will put you on the direct path to failure.

Forgo Jealousy

What’s the point in being jealous? When you envy what others have, it doesn’t do anything for you or for them. It makes you bitter, unhappy and resentful. Instead of envying something someone else has, work harder so that you can obtain the same thing. Want a bigger house? Work harder. Want a family? Stop curling up on the couch all weekend with a book and go out and meet people who could potentially become your soul mate, husband and then father of your children. Just be proactive.


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