Tipping at Your Wedding Made Simple

Wedding planning season is here (translation – here comes spring: Here comes the bride) and many couples are getting ready to take the final step in their official commitment to one another. However, there is one small issue that you haven’t really considered and you should prior to your wedding date. Who and when should you tip the people who are working to help make your wedding day extra special?

Always Tip These People

Your hairdresser

Makeup artists

Transportation drivers

Catering staff

The catch is to ensure that gratuity isn’t already included in the upfront price you’re paying for these services. Typically, your hairdresser and makeup artists will not include gratuity in their fee, so you’ll need to include it yourself. The standard acceptable amount is 15 to 20 percent of the bill, but not until you’re satisfied with the results. The same amount holds true for your transportation and catering staff.

It’s Optional to Tip These People






The standard amount varies, as a percentage of the total cost might not be enough. For example, it’s not customary to tip your officiant, but it’s customary to donate anywhere from $100 to $500 to his or her church. Again, it’s also customary to tip anywhere from $100 to a percentage of what you’re charged at your discretion.

Do Not Tip These People

Do not tip your photographer, videographer or wedding planner if they are the owners of the company hired to make your big day special. The owners are getting a huge portion of what you’re paying them anyway (all of it?) so there’s no etiquette rule requiring you to give more.

As far as when you should tip; the timing is different for everyone. For example, it’s customary to tip your officiant the night of your rehearsal dinner as you might not see much of him or her following the ceremony and you don’t want to miss your opportunity. As far as everyone else, it’s a good idea to tip them when they’ve completed their service and you’re sure it was to your satisfaction.

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