Times When Losing Your Temper Isn’t a Bad Thing


We all have a bit of a temper in us. Some of us are much better at controlling our temper than others, but some of us find it more difficult to reign it in. It’s not always appropriate to let your hot temper get the best of you, but some of us have moments like that every so often. But it’s also not always a bad thing to completely lose your cool in a situation. There are some situations, in fact, when it might be better to lose your temper than it is to keep your cool. But the issue with this lies in determining whether or not any given situation is worth losing your temper. How do you know now is the time to stop or not? We have some examples of situations in which it’s actually probably for the best to lose your temper and let go of what’s expected of you. It might make the situation a bit more acceptable.

When Your Kids are in Danger

So there is a situation in which your kids could have been seriously hurt. For example, you let your kid visit a friend and their mother did not make your 5-year-old sit in a car seat in her car. She might not make her kids do this, but she knows better and she should have made your child sit appropriate. Go ahead; lose it on her. She needs that reality check. Your kids could have been severely injured or even killed.

When Someone Harasses You

You’re walking through the parking lot when a man decides he’s going to use suggestive language and start following you through the parking lot. You’ve warned him, you’ve done all you can to make him stop and he won’t. Let that temper out; unleash the fury. He’s scaring you and you need to do something about it.

When Someone Doesn’t do Their Job

There are times in which someone accidentally does something wrong or forgets and it’s an honest mistake. And then there are times that people are so negligent and careless that they really wreck something important. It’s probably okay to lose your cool in the latter situation since you did your part and someone else chose not to do theirs.

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