Time is Always of the Essence: How to Respect Time

Let’s talk time. Time is always, always of the essence. Time is something we simply do not have enough of. Time is something that we need to learn to respect. Time is something so many people have absolutely zero concept of and I’m going to be completely, unashamedly honest right now; I cannot stand when people do not respect time. I don’t mind when someone is a few minutes late and gives plenty of warning.

I do mind when you have a play date scheduled around your child’s naptime and your guests don’t call or contact or bother to show up until over an hour after they were supposed to be there. I do mind when I put on an invitation that the party starts at a certain time and I’m in my robe 45 minutes before the party starts trying to get ready and people begin showing up. Time, people, is something we all need to respect. Here are three very good examples of that.


When you are invited to a party and the invitation says that the party begins at 2:00, DO NOT show up one minute before 2. The hostess is not ready. Her house is not ready, her hair is not ready, she’s not dressed. She’s not getting the party together in her heels and her dress; she’s in socks and yoga pants. Don’t show up any earlier and give her anxiety, make her feel rushed, or start making a mess of all the things she has so carefully placed while she finishes getting ready. Let me assure you – she hates that. And it doesn’t matter if you are related, if you are the best friend ever of the host, or you are anyone else – unless the HOSTESS asked you to show up early, don’t. And don’t assume that she’ll be okay with you telling her ahead of time you will be early – she won’t.

Anything Including Children

When you agree to meet someone with children in a public location, don’t be late. Children have a short attention span and asking someone to keep their kid entertained in the middle of a restaurant or the mall for an extra hour because you are running late is not a good idea.

When There are Reservations

When you have actual reservations, don’t be late. It’s common courtesy. The rest of the people in your group might not have their kids with them or you might not think they care, but some of those people do care. Some of them have to pick their kids up at a certain time, some restaurants won’t seat the party until everyone has arrived, and some people rushed to make it on time and find it disrespectful when you don’t make the same effort.

Always Call

If you are going to be late, let people know as far in advance as possible. This doesn’t mean calling someone five minutes before you are supposed to be somewhere and telling them you’ll be another half hour. This means calling them immediately. For example, if you live 20 minutes away from where you’re supposed to be and you haven’t left in time to make it, let them know immediately. Don’t wait.


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