Three Ways to Make Every Day a Good One

When you wake up and start the day, you expect that it will either be a good one or a bad one depending on what your schedule looks like (you know, good if you get to go to happy hour with your husband and bad if you have to go to the gynecologist to have something checked out…). However, did you know that you can actually create a great day just by using your mind? When you have positive thoughts in your mind, you can actually make your day better even if it’s no different than a day you would ordinarily consider bad.

Focus on the Good

Instead of thinking about that long meeting or that boring errand, think about all the fun things you get to do today. You get to start the day with your favorite cup of coffee and you get to end it with a glass of your favorite wine. You get to see people you love, eat good food and enjoy beautiful weather. When your focus is on the good, the bad seems to roll by unnoticed.

Replace Negativity

If your least favorite part of the day is putting your toddler down for her nap because you know she’s going to scream, you’re not alone. However, you’re causing yourself a lot of unneeded stress thinking about that. Replace that negative thought with the thought that after your toddler goes down you get to pick up that book you were reading and read uninterrupted for a few hours, you get to enjoy some quiet or you get to finally practice yoga.

Expect Good Things

When you wake up expecting everything to go wrong, guess what? It’s going to go wrong. However, if you wake up and you expect that the day is going to be beautiful and treat you right, it will. Keep that in mind.


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