Three Tips for Meeting His Siblings

Meeting the parents is one thing, but meeting your man’s siblings is a completely different story. His parents expect you to be a lady, to be proper, entertaining, and delightful. They want you to be Kate Middleton (not a darn thing wrong with that!), but his siblings know better. They know you are every bit as fabulous as Kate Middleton but that you have a little bit of Katy Perry inside of you, and that you are just too afraid to show it. When you meet the siblings, you have to have a little bit more fun than when you meet the parents; here are a few tips to get you ready for the big day.

Get Them On Your Team

Siblings know everyone in the family, which is great for you. If you can get them to like your utterly fabulous self then you have your own built in cheerleaders when it comes to the rest of the family. If the siblings love you, they’ll speak very highly of you to the rest of your man’s family.


Before meeting them, get the basics. Where did they go to school, are they married, do they have kids, what do they do for a living, any topics of discussion you should avoid at all costs. Your man will know these things, and you will seem more interested and easy to talk to when you ask personal questions to his siblings.

Don’t Be Clingy

When your man has to get up to use the bathroom, stay seated. It may be scary facing his family alone, but you can do it, and they need to see that. They aren’t going to be all about a girl who follows their brother around the entire night like a piece of saran wrap. Give him some space and get your social skills  going.


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