Three Thoughts To Get Rid of Right Now

It is widely believed that those who envision what they want will get what they want. Well, plenty of people have envisioned millions of dollars in their bank accounts and being promoted to president and CEO of their company, but they are still working for a paycheck in a cubicle with 30 other people envisioning the same things. The problem is that you can’t will millions of dollars into your bank account, you have to work for them; and working for them means you have to envision positive thoughts regarding your future to make them happen. Your pessimistic thoughts could actually be hindering your life performance. Learning to replace these negative thoughts with positive thoughts can actually help you to realize your dreams.

I’m Not Good at Socializing

When it comes time to network and show the higher-ups what you’re really made of, you clam up. You think, “I can’t do this because I’m not good with people. I’m just not a people person.” Unfortunately, to get anywhere in life you have to learn to become a people person. The next time you think this, replace it. Remind yourself that just about everyone is nervous striking up a conversation with someone they don’t know, and that will make it easier for you to do so. Remembering that other people are nervous and hiding it will make you more capable of doing the same.

I Can’t Get Too Excited…It Might Not Work Out

When you get excited and things don’t pan out, it makes you more likely to refrain from getting too excited about something in the future. When you think that you’d love to be excited, but you don’t want to jinx your job interview/date/whatever, you are mentally telling yourself that you expect the worse possible outcome and you are setting yourself up for failure. Your negative mood affects your performance and you probably won’t get the job/second date/whatever. Allow yourself to become excited; you need to. Remind yourself that you have every reason to expect a good outcome and that the worse that can happen is that it doesn’t pan out, but at least you are one step closer to finding something that will work.

I Don’t Want to Offend Anyone

If you are afraid to speak up at meetings, state your opinion or respectfully disagree for fear of offending anyone, you might as well lock yourself in a closet and never speak again. No one can make it through life without offending someone else; and caring what other people think is never going to get you anywhere. As long as you are stating your opinion in a respectful manner, you are doing nothing wrong. Who cares if some closed minded person is offended that your idea was better than hers? Ultimately, you will never make it through life walking on the safe side; take a walk on the wild side and learn that speaking your opinion and letting your feelings be known is going to make you far happier, and much more successful.


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