Three Things You Need to Live the Good Life

You often hear people use the term, “Living the good life,” and maybe you wonder what that really means. Does living the good life mean you have plenty of money, a big house, nice cars and the ability to do whatever you want whenever you want? Or does living the good life mean doing what you want for a living? Perhaps the good life is having a picture-perfect family and a white picket fence. Whatever your definition of the good life; if you are missing these three things, you are not living the good life.


The good life is not complete without regular laughter. It is the best medicine, after all. Laughter makes you light of heart, happy and it means that you’re enjoying what’s happening in your life. Without laughter, what is the fun of doing anything? Having plenty of laughter in your life means you are spending your time with people who make your life good, and that’s what the good life is all about.


When you smile it means something. It means you are happy, content and excited. Without smiling, life is missing something. Perhaps life is missing people who make you happy, a career that fulfills you, or maybe someone isn’t right for you. When you have plenty to smile about, it means you have a lot of good going on in your own life.


If you spend your time wishing for things you don’t have with the misconception that those things will finally make you happy, you are not living the good life and you never will. If you are not happy with all that you currently have, more is not going to make you happier. The good life is one in which you are thankful every single day for all the blessings you have at the present moment. If you can be thankful for all that you have at the moment, you are living the good life.


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