Three Things You Cannot Change

Most everyone has heard the phrase, “Let go of things you cannot change.” It’s good advice. While everything changes at some point in time, not every change is one that you can control. It’s important that you remember that you cannot change certain things, because it will help you live your life to the fullest. Since most people make it an effort to better themselves every day, knowing that these three things cannot be changed is a great way to take control and become a better, happier person.

Things Are Not Always Perfect

No matter what you do, how you do it, and how hard you work at it; you cannot change the fact that life is not always perfect. Things go wrong. Things don’t go according to plan. You can either remember that life is imperfect and work on accepting the inconsistencies and failures and changing the outcome of those imperfect occurrences, or you can pity yourself and become angry.


Pain is something you cannot change. Sure, you can prevent it by steering clear of certain situations, but you cannot change pain. You cannot change the fact that you will lose loved ones, you will experience heartbreak, or you might experience illness or injury. You can accept it when it happens as a part of life by knowing that it cannot be changed; once it happens, it’s forever.


No matter how many women swear they are going to change a man, or how many men swear they are going to change a woman, the simple truth is that you cannot change a person. A person has to be willing to change and open to becoming a different person in order to change. You cannot decide you like someone better a certain way and make it happen; once you accept that no one changes unless they are willing, you’ll be a much better person.


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