Three Things to Give Up to be Financially Free

financial freedom

Have you ever noticed that it’s always so simple to see the solution to someone else’s problems looking into their lives, but it’s nearly impossible to see the solution to your own? Have you ever considered that perhaps you might take the advice you might issue to others and apply it to your own life to make it a bit easier for you to actually make change? If you’re struggling financially, and with your happiness, it might be because you are not seeing your situation from an objective point of view. When I look at the complaints and the questions people have via social media, it seems so easy for me to issue advice and it always seems to be the same. With that in mind, I thought it might be helpful to remind the world what it is that you’re doing that is keeping you from becoming financially free and happy in your own life; you’re not giving up the right things. Sure, you can give up your daily latte and save four bucks, but you have to give up a few other things if you ever want to be truly financially free and happy.

The need to impress others

Until you realize that the only person who needs to be happy with your life and your decisions is you, you will never be financially free. If you’re buying things and spending money to impress others and look good from the outside, you’re not actually making sound decisions. When you finally give up the need to impress others, I guarantee you will make better financial decisions.

The need to blame others

If there is one thing I cannot stand hearing from others, it’s the constant blame. It’s always someone else’s fault. They are where they are in life because their boss is a jerk or because this or that or the other. Some people simply cannot take it up on themselves to take responsibility for their life problems and just fix them. Do that; and see the improvement in your life in every aspect.

Living up to someone else’s expectations

The thing I love most about the people I spend the most time with is that they have no expectations of me other than that I am a loyal and loving person who puts my best face forward every single day. They don’t care one bit when I wear Louboutins. They don’t care what I wear, dress, do, drive, or have. All they care about is that I have good morals and that I’m a good person. When you learn to stop living up to someone’s expectations of where you should live, what you should do, how you should be, you start living up to your own; and you knew which expectations are the important ones.

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