Three Things to Avoid Right Before Your Wedding

Out with the old and in with the new. The holiday season is a big one for proposals, which means you might very well be a woman on a mission to plan your very own wedding. Or, maybe you’re a woman who has been engaged for a while now and your dreamt about spring wedding is right around the corner. Either way, you want your wedding to be beautiful from start to finish. While I cannot guarantee your big day will go off without a hitch (there always seems to be a groomsmen or long-lost uncle who makes too many trips to the bar), I can guarantee that you will look your best; but only if you avoid these things at all costs.

Changing Your Hair

I don’t care if you still have a week to go before you say your vows, do not change your hair! This goes for your color and your cut. Of course, you can have your roots touched up and your dead ends trimmed, but the worst thing you can do is decide on making a major hair change so close to your wedding. If you regret it, you’ll hate your wedding pictures forever. Save the big changes for after the honeymoon – and after he says his vows.


I know, it’s asking a lot, but you really need to lay off the wine and cocktails for the week or so before the wedding. Even if you’re a light drinker, alcohol has a ton of empty calories and it can make you look puffy and tired. Additionally, it doesn’t leave you feeling your best either. If you want to look good, stick with water and save the champagne for your toast.

New Workout Routines

Sure, you want to look great and feel great on your wedding, but that does not mean you can take up a whole new workout routine in the weeks leading up to your big day. Sore muscles take a while to heal, and you don’t want to spend your big day hobbling around because your legs are so sore you can barely stand in your fabulous new heels.


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