Three Things That He Loves About You

He tells you he loves you because you are a great mom, or a great wife, or a great person, but he really loves much more than that. While it’s great to hear all those wonderful things from your husband, sometimes women want to hear a little more. They want a bit of a storybook romance in which their husbands notice and point out things about them that are unexpected and make your heart melt. Of course it’s nice to hear what a great mom you are – but let’s be honest; you already know you rock in that department. Here are a few of the little things he loves about you that he may not think to verbalize.

He Loves How You Keep your Family Together

He loves that you always seem to know exactly how to get the entire family together for the holidays, for parties, and for other important occasions. He loves that you take the initiative to do that for your family. It shows him how much you care about him and your children, that you’re willing to go out of your way to make sure they are surrounded by loved ones.

He Loves That You Always Know What to Do

When your child falls down and scrapes his knee, he loves that you know exactly how to clean it, exactly which band aids your little one likes the best, and exactly how to put it on so that you don’t hurt him. He loves that you know so much and don’t even realize it. He would be standing there in a panic fumbling around with the wrong band aid and not singing the boo-boo song while putting it on your son, and he’d be all wrong.

Your Smile

He loves your smile. He loves it especially when it’s directed at him. He loves that about you.


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