Three Things That Don’t Impress Men About Women

Ladies, we often have a misconception of the things that impress men and make them want to come up and talk to us. According to my husband, half the things I think impress him are not even close to impressive.  Here are three things women are guilty of doing to impress a man that are actually backfiring on us.

Look at My Label

Yes, there are many of us who love a gorgeous pair of Choos or Louboutins, an LV handbag or a pair of Tory Burch Reva’s. However, men don’t care. They don’t notice. They don’t even know what half of what I just typed means (or even how to pronounce it). In fact, many men might think we’re speaking French right now. If you think that impressing him with your labels or your killer sense of style is going to win him over, you’re probably wrong.

Not Eating

Munching on a salad doesn’t make him think, “Oh, she’s responsible with her salad and her tiny waist.” What makes him think that is when he sees you pick up a chicken wing and eat it like it’s going out of style and then order a side of a fries to go with it. He’d rather you eat and be active than not eat and be lazy.

Being a Know it All

Even if you do know it all, pointing it out all the time is kind of unattractive (and not just to men). It doesn’t impress anyone when you constantly open your mouth to shoot down their thoughts, opinions, ideas or anything else. Yes, sometimes it’s necessary to point out all that you know, but it’s not always a life or death situation and sometimes it can rub people the wrong way. Be intelligent and be smart, just don’t condescend others who might not have your level of intellect.

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