Three Simple Ways to Unwind

Between getting both of my kids dressed in the morning to take my oldest to school, feeding them both breakfast, carrying my one-year-old into school to drop off my four-year-old at VPK, signing her in, leaving her belongings, talking to the teacher, driving home, putting my one-year-old to bed, and spending the next three hours working while my daughter sleeps and then starting the pick-up process, I am beat by 9 am. Unfortunately for me, I have little downtime to change that which means I have to look elsewhere to find a little bit of relaxation. I need time to unwind and de-stress as much as the next person, which is why I think these tips for doing exactly that are perfect.


Sit down for five minutes with no phone, no television, no computer, and no form of technology at all. The constant beeping of text messages, emails, social media alerts, and other forms of communication create a new level of stress for people, which is why unplugging and disconnecting for a few minutes is a great way to unwind and lower your stress level.

Go Out and Play

Let your inner child out for a few minutes. Go to the park and see how high you can swing or get some bubbles and blow them in the yard. The idea is to let the kid out and forget that you’re an adult for a few minutes, which significantly lowers your stress level.

Let Your Artistic Side Out

You don’t have to be a serious artist, but drawing, painting, and creating something from scratch is a great way to unwind and de-stress. People who spend time doing this are focused so much on the task at hand that they forget everything else that is making them crazy, which is what makes it so effective.


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