Three Simple Ways to Get Cheap Internet Service


One of the first things people consider when moving into a new home is bringing their internet service with them. They wonder if they should bring the same plan or get a new one, how they can most cost-effectively outfit their home with internet service and how they can get the most bang for their buck. Most of us have to have internet. Many of us work from home full-time, others part time, and others go to school full-time or part-time and require internet access. There are so many reasons we need internet access at home, and we don’t exactly care for the specifics. What we care about is the fact that this is a necessity for many people – when it was once considered a big luxury. What we care about is the fact that some internet providers are just plain expensive and we want to help you save as much as possible on your internet each month.

Internet Free of Charge

Did you know you can have internet access at home for nothing? That’s right; you can have internet access at home free of charge every month if you simply purchase an $89 modem from The company then provides you with 1 free gig of internet access each month. If you want more, you can purchase it. For example, 5 GC will cost you $10 per month.

Internet on Your Phone

You already know if you have a smart phone, you are paying for internet. You can use this at home by enabling your mobile hotspot. You can then hook up your phone to your computer and use the internet this way. This means you’re not paying a separate internet bill and phone bill. You will, however, need to adequately up your data allowance on your phone plan to ensure you don’t pay overages each month. You may also need data roaming services and for that, you can visit a related site to look into the available data roaming plans.


Remember DSL? It’s still around. Companies like NetZero will let you pay $10 per month for unlimited data for up to six months to have DSL service at home. It might not be WiFi, but it’s internet access and it’s very affordable.

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