Three Simple Etiquette Rules Party-Goers Should Follow

I think by now we’ve all witnessed enough party hell on various seasons of various forms of the Real Housewives. From guests screaming at other guests to hosts inviting people they don’t like and then confronting them about their dislike at their party and then whining about how the party was ruined and “I just don’t know why this happened to me,”, there is always a reason for the rest of the world to say, “Oh my”. Using this as inspiration, I thought it might be time to have an etiquette discussion for party-goers.

Be Respectful

If you’re invited to someone’s house, I don’t care how much you dislike another guest or how angry you are about something, you keep that to yourself. You do not disrespect the host or the guests of the host at a party – ever.

Find an Appropriate Time

Parties are not the appropriate time to decide you want to have a one on one conversation with someone you dislike to discuss the reasons behind your dislike. This is more appropriate for a private gathering, such as a lunch or meeting over cocktails. The last thing you want to do is cause a scene at someone else’s house. It’s the best way to ensure you never receive another invite to a social occasion ever again.

Watch Your Drinking

The music is good, the company is great and the alcohol is flowing. It can be pretty easy to have one too many when you’re having fun and being social, but you have to watch your alcohol intake. The more you drink, the more likely you are to say something offensive or take offense to something someone else has to say. Aside from that, it’s just not appropriate to get drunk at someone’s social occasion – or ever, really.


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