Three Signs You Might Not Be Happy

Oftentimes people who think they are happy realize suddenly that they really aren’t. I was recently privy to a prime example of this after seeing a friend who was always so happy and so content make a major life change without any warning at all. I was very surprised to find out she didn’t think she was happy, despite the fact she had no real reason not to be happy. It inspired me to think about the fact that sometimes people go through a time in their lives when everything is going just right, but there seems to be something missing. Here are three signs you might not be as happy as you think you are.

You Have Regrets

I’ve always been a big believer in the fact that you should not have regrets. I find them to be a waste of time and an indication that you aren’t really happy with your life, and it turns out I was right. Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not necessarily in love with everything I’ve done or every decision I’ve ever made, but I don’t regret them. The moment I regret anything I’ve done is the moment I realize I’m not happy. See, everything I’ve done, good, bad, ugly or in between brought me to where I am in life and I’m happy with that. If ever there comes a time when you regret something, it might mean you aren’t really happy.

You’re a Pleaser

Do you feel that you do things simply to make other people happy? If so, it might be an indicator that you are not happy in your own life. Now understand this; doing things to make other people happy doesn’t mean you are unhappy. Doing things ONLY because they make other people happy might mean you aren’t. If you aren’t doing anything for you, you might not be happy. I do things all the time for other people, because I love them and because sometimes it’s easier, but I still do for me, too. The moment I stop that will be the moment I begin to worry.

You Want to Change People

You cannot change anyone, and you know it. Women who think they can change a man or men who think they can change a woman are missing something. The only way people change is because they want to; and if you want to change someone, it is a big red flag that you aren’t happy with them.


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