Three Secrets of Good Willpower

Maintaining the willpower to save or diet is difficult enough, but when I tell you that you can actually deplete your supply of willpower, it’s going to make it even more difficult for you. A new study finds that you actually have a supply of willpower in your brain, and as you make more and decisions based on your willpower, the more you deplete your supply, which is why it is so hard to say no to that 700 calorie cocktail or piece of cake after dinner. If you want to maintain your supply of willpower, there are a few things you need to do.

Pick Your Battles

Your willpower isn’t divided into categories, which means that as you resist the urge to honk and scream at idiot drivers on the way home, you will deplete your willpower supply and have a more difficult time saying no to dessert tonight. Sometimes, you just have to honk and scream, because it will help you maintain your willpower.

Use Self-Control

When you practice self-control, you actually learn to maintain your power of will. Self-control overrides willpower, meaning that when you are trained enough to self-control your urges, you use less of this power. Essentially, this means that you will have an easier time maintaining your willpower if you practice self-control regularly. Acquiring self-control is not easy, but with enough practice, you can do it.

Get Some Sleep

The best way to rebuild and maintain your power of will is not to use it in the first place. Avoid situations where you will have to use your willpower, and get plenty of sleep. While you sleep, your body rebuilds your supply of willpower, which means that tomorrow you will be able to get right back on your power of will train and say no to things you should say no to.


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