Three Reasons Your Family Should Always Come First

Family rocks. Seriously, your family – as irritating, embarrassing, and annoying as they can be – rocks. These people love you no matter how bad of a hair day you’re having, no matter how badly you mess up and no matter how grouchy and PMS-y you are. How many of your old boyfriends or coworkers can you say that about? None – which is why your family loves you. Even your friends have their limits when it comes to some of your behavior. Here are a few good reasons to remember that your family should always come first.

Their Support

At the end of the day, your family supports you. Even if they don’t agree – they support you. They may not love the fact that you did XYZ or that you quit your job and decided to move to Minneapolis with the man you met two months ago – but they support you. Even more importantly, if things fail (like you realize that Minneapolis is lovely but entirely too cold for your Miami-born self) they’ll still support you. Maybe with a teeny tiny “I told you so,” but they’ll still support you.

They Love You

When you tell them to go to hell and kiss your you-know-what, they’ll still love you. Of course, I’m assuming we’re talking about siblings and/or cousins here because I know you’d never tell your mom, dad, grandmother, or other elderly relatives something so disrespectful. Your irritating brother, however, probably. Either way; they’ll still love you even if you’re not all that nice on occasion.

They’re Honest

Your friends will lie. Your husband will lie. Your mom will tell you flat out without hesitation to put down the cinnamon roll and get your pregnant behind to prenatal yoga class because you’re gaining too much weight. It might upset you, but at the end of the day you’ll be glad someone had the cajones to be honest.


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