Three Numbers You Should Always Remember


Most of us think of math when we think of numbers – and it’s not a pleasant thought (I really dislike math that requires anything more than my fingers or the calculator on my phone, and even then I don’t love it). Fortunately, not all numbers are combined with letters and require three pieces of paper to figure out the answer. Some numbers are good numbers that mean good things, especially for your health and your life. Here are three numbers you should never forget.


It’s not just the number of days in the month of February (save for leap year). 28 days is the number of days it takes to break a habit for good. If you want to change your life for the better, you just need 28 days. That’s four weeks. Once you force yourself through those days, you’ll be home free for the rest of your life minus your unfortunate habits.


All you need to maintain great health is a minimal 150 minutes of exercise each week. This can include anything from walking to running to biking to swimming. It’s approximately 21 minutes per day, seven days a week. If you can’t find 21 minutes to exercise each day, you need to really take stock in your life and figure out what you need to change to make room for good health.


This is the number of glasses of wine you can drink each day (yes, permission!) to fight some serious health issues. One glass of red wine each day can prevent heart disease, lower your risk of depression and improve your memory. Go ahead and pour a glass – just remember that one is perfect and two is not going to further improve any of these things. Additionally, one glass is approximately 6 ounces; not an entire bottle poured into a large glass.

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