Three Mistakes We All Make

Everyone makes mistakes, which is part of life. Sometimes, however, we make mistakes we don’t even know we are making. Or, we know we’re making them but we forget that we are not supposed to. Once you stop making these mistakes, you will be happier and much more relaxed. Don’t beat yourself up about making these very common mistakes. Chances are, you are not even aware you make them until it’s too late.

Accepting Less than You Deserve

Don’t lower your standards for anyone or anything. If you don’t think you are getting what you deserve, you probably are not getting it. Don’t accept that. You can do better than mediocre. What is being given to you by others is not what you have to put up with; if you want something better, what you really deserve, then go out and get it. The only person making you unhappy is you.

Denying your Mistakes

We all do it. We all like to pretend we didn’t make a mistake so that we can move on from it. However, we did. Yes, I wore big fluffy bangs with 56 pounds of hairspray when I was growing up. What a mistake. Instead of hiding it, however, I own it. Of course, that kind of mistake isn’t necessarily as bad as the ones some people make, but at least you get my drift.

Expecting Perfection

Look in the mirror. Is the person staring back at you perfect? No. Now look around you. Are the people you live with, the people you are close to, the people you work with, the people you are related to perfect? No. So why do you expect perfection from them? So what if your husband put your clothes in the wrong drawers when he did laundry. He did the laundry….


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