Three Mistakes Everyone Should Make

No one is perfect (thank God). Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone does something that will embarrass themselves, upset them, anger them, or make them feel bad. It happens. As a matter of fact, it happens to me at least twice a day. I cannot seem to stop myself from putting my foot in my mouth at least that often, but I’ve learned to let it go. I used to spend my time feeling embarrassed or mortified that I’d done something wrong, but now I realize that we all do something wrong, and chances are, I’m the only one still thinking about it. As I’ve grown, that is just one of the life lesson I’ve learned; we all make mistakes. Here are a few mistakes we should all make, because we learn from them.

Embarrass Yourself

We all do it, and it is okay. When we do something completely mortifying and we live to tell about it, we’re only better for it. We’ve lived through something so embarrassing that it helps put other embarrassments into perspective, and it helps us to grow. Additionally, it gives us a great story to tell to our friends and family once we get over the embarrassment.

Ruffle a Few Feathers

Sometimes you have to disagree to make your point. You may not like what someone else is saying, and you may want to remain silent for fear of upsetting others with your opinion, but in the long run, ruffling feathers here and there is going to earn you a lot more respect than keeping your mouth shut at all times.


Failure isn’t the scary thing we all like to think it is. Failure is a huge stepping stone to success and it speaks very highly of you. If you never fail at anything, you’re not living. By failing, you prove to the world that you are willing to try; and trying is impressive. Besides that, what you learn from failure is invaluable for success.


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