Three Great Ways to Bond With Your Family

If you are like most parents, you spent your pregnancy imagining how close you would be to your kids. You pictured wearing matching aprons and decorating Christmas cookies with your toddlers, watching Disney movies as a family while cuddled on the couch eating popcorn and laughing together. If you’re like most parents, you had a baby and realized that stuff is a little different in real life.

Your kids won’t wear the apron you gave them, they have icing on everything from the ceiling to three inches up their noses and on the couch you have an elbow in your side, a knee in your stomach, popcorn in your bra, and a kid who is screaming about not wanting to watch the movie you chose. Ahhhh…parenthood. Even if bonding with your kids seems like a lot more work that it should, you can still do it. Here are a few little ways to bring your relationships together.

Turn off the Radio

Now you never, ever, ever, ever…have to listen to the same Taylor Swift song on repeat. Turn off the radio when you’re in the car and make it a ritual to talk about your days when you are driving from point A to point B. You’ll learn a lot about your family this way.

Put Down the Phones

When you’re having quality time with your kids, put the phones and iPads and tablets down. Actually, put them in another room. Focus solely on them and not what everyone is up to on Facebook today. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much closer you feel doing this.

Start a Tradition

Whether it’s a game before bed, a story after bath time, or anything else you want to do, start a tradition with your kids. They will look forward to it every day or every week, and your family will feel much closer because of it.


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