Three Cliches To Live By

Everyone loves a good cliché when the shoe fits (do you see what I did there?). Of course, old clichés are often ignored and rarely taken seriously. However, as we work our way into a new year – and a new reason to make some much needed changes to our own lives – it’s important to know that sometimes your mom’s advice in the form of old clichés is actually good advice. Those old clichés can help you make changes you need to make and live the life you’ve always wanted.

You Learn from Your Mistakes

It’s true. Every mistake you make is a lesson in disguise. Sure, we can all think of a better way to learn that sunscreen is essential when you’re lying on the beach in Mexico for eight hours than a crazy sunburn and a week of misery in paradise. However, mistakes are lessons. Instead of considering your mistakes something horrible, consider them a means to an end; you did something you shouldn’t have done, but boy did you learn from that mistake. Silver lining: You won’t do that again.

You Make Your Own Luck

Some people have all the luck. Well, guess what? It’s because they create it for themselves by being open, accepting of change, and optimistic that things will always work out for them; even when it doesn’t look like it in the least. Luck is a crazy thing that you make on your own. If you want some, ditch the negative nelly attitude and start smiling a little more often, trusting that things will work out and you’ll be all right.

You Can be Warm and Fuzzy

That feeling you get when your husband wraps his arms around you unexpectedly from behind, or the feeling you get when your grandmother makes those cookies you loved as a child really do give you the warm and fuzzies. A chemical in your brain actually remembers the things that make you happy, even if you forget them, and creates a feeling that really is warm and fuzzy. So here’s the deal; if something makes you warm and fuzzy and you can’t figure out why, go with it because it is something good.


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