Three Bad Habits to Lose Now

Everyone has bad habits. I bite my nails, and now both my daughters bite theirs. It’s a nasty habit, but I cannot seem to stop. Other people have other bad habits. Some of the bad habits people have aren’t simply making their fingernails ugly, they’re ruining their lives. It’s difficult to live up to your fullest potential when you have bad habits that are holding you back. You must say goodbye to these awful habits if you ever want to be successful and happy in life.


There are so many reasons to stop procrastinating. One of which is the fact that you just need to stop. The second is that you know you’re going to be angry with yourself when you have to do something tomorrow that you should have done today. There’s no reason for procrastination. When you don’t do what you need to do now, you will never be successful. If you have goals and dreams, make them happen. Don’t assume that you have your whole life to make it happen.

Stop Blaming Others

When you don’t get something done or you don’t make your goals this year, it’s not someone else’s fault. You can’t blame the fact that you aren’t where you need to be on someone else. So what if your parents were mean to you growing up or your neighbor’s dog barks all the time; your failures are only yours.

Stop Talking Down to You

You are not a failure or a loser or a fat girl or an unlikable person. Well, you are if you keep telling yourself that you are. You tend to believe what you hear, and hearing yourself talk about what a horrible person you are isn’t helping you in any way, shape, or form. Stop talking down to yourself and start talking yourself up to you.


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