The Three Most Annoying “Not on Time” Situations In Life


If there’s one thing I hate above nearly everything in this world it’s having to wait. Honestly waiting for anything truly bothers me. What can I say? Call me impatient.  Call me entitled.  I just hate waiting for things I shouldn’t have to.  If I know I have to wait or somehow it’s expected then at least I’m prepared for it. But waiting when I know I really shouldn’t have to be waiting? Well that’s clearly the kiss of death and 100% unacceptable. Where does this happen exactly?

There are three very common places where you should NOT have to wait and yet you find yourself waiting for what feels like an eternity…..

Doctor’s Appointments

There’s no such thing as a winning situation at the Doctor’s office. The only time I would ever suggest going to a doctor is when they first open for the day. If you are the first patient you have an outside shot at having your appointment when it was scheduled. Other than that? Good luck. Hell I show up early and it does nothing. In fact it’s worse. And if you show up late? You’re even more screwed. There’s no getting around the fact that you’re waiting at least an hour no matter what.

Dinner Reservations

Seriously if you’re a place of business where do you get off taking a reservation for a certain time and not filling it? This always seems to happen at super packed restaurants who take reservations all the time. Why bother? Just don’t take reservations and I”ll be perfectly aware that I might have to wait a while. But please for the love of God do not tell me to come at a certain time, have me show up and then not be able to seat me? That’s just ridiculous.

Plane Flights

Seriously have you ever been on a plane that has left at the time it said it would? Granted I’d rather get to my destination than die but still. Come on guys. And why does this happen across the board? It’s not like only a few airlines have this problem. It’s EVERY airline. I don’t get. For once I’d like to leave at the time it says on my ticket and arrive at the time it says on my ticket. This will never happen though.


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