Are You In A Third Wheel Friendship? Find Out What To Do About It

Are you in a third wheel friendship?  If you are, then you don’t have to stop and think about it because you know you are.  A third wheel friendship is when three or more individuals are friends and one of you, presumably you, feels left out from time to time.  It is an awful feeling to feel left out but there are some things that you can do to deal with that.

If you feel like you might be a third wheel, take some time to consider why that might be.  Perhaps the others have more in common with each other than they do with you.  Perhaps they were in an established friendship long before you entered the picture.  Maybe you are closer to one of them than the other and there is an awkwardness there.  There are many reasons why you might feel like you are a third wheel and you really can’t control any of them.  What you can control is your reaction to the situation.

You have a choice when you are a third wheel.  You can confront your friends and share your feelings.  It is possible that they don’t understand your feelings and were not purposefully hurting you.  After that, they may make more of an effort to include you when they do things together.

Another choice you have, and perhaps the best choice, is to accept things for what they are.  Accept that the friendship is what it is and enjoy it for that.  Then find a way to move past that and go on and make other, new friendships.  There is no reason why you have to only have a couple of friends.  When you make some new friends, you may be so busy with them that you will not feel like a third wheel any longer.

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