Things You Should Say To Your Ex

After recently being subject to the breakup of an acquaintance, I found myself discussing something with my husband. He and I began wondering why people never say what they really want to say to the person who hurts them, because it seems so obvious to us that they’d feel so much better about the end of their relationship if they did. Of course, it seems easier for us since we’ve been together for the past 11 years and don’t remember what it’s like to end a relationship. However, experts agree that there are a few things you should say to your ex after your relationship ends.

Thank You

Whether you think so or not, you owe that man/woman a huge thank you. He/she taught you so much in your relationship. Your ex taught you what you do not want in a relationship, which means your next relationship will be so much better. For that, feel free to say thanks.


Take a page out of Taylor Swift’s book and drop a line to your ex telling him or her that you are never, ever, ever getting back together.

Grow Up

Sometimes a man or a woman just needs to hear those words. Your ex might not hear them or care about them, but it will make you feel better to tell him that he has no business living with his mom at 30, calling her before making every decision, and not knowing how to tie his own shoes. Sometimes you just need to tell people to grow up.

Your Loss

Frankly, it is his loss, and you should feel free to let him know that he’s going to miss out. Chances are, if he messed things up this time, he’ll see you in a few years and wish he hadn’t.


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