Things to Leave Off Your Resume

Many people are looking for new jobs – or any job – at this moment in time. That means that people are printing their resumes right and left. If you have to urge to look for employment somewhere, you need a resume. You might think you know everything there is to know about creating your resume, but the fact is that you don’t. There are plenty of things that worked in the past but no longer do. Make sure your resume doesn’t have any of these faux pas before you start applying for a new job.


These do not help your resume. In fact, they often hurt your resume. What employers see is what you want out of this job, not what you are willing to do while you have the job. It shows them that you find the position they are considering you for just a stepping stone, and they do not want to hire someone who only views the position as one that will help them go elsewhere in life.

Short-term Positions

Don’t include any jobs that you had for only a few months. Employers see these as red flags because they don’t know why you no longer work there. They might assume that if you have several short-term jobs on your resume that you were fired, that you don’t get along with your coworkers, that you aren’t easy to work with, or any other negative thing they can think of.

Your Photo

Many people think that placing their photo on their resume will help them. Unless you are a supermodel or an actor applying for a new role, leave it off. Your appearance has no bearing on your job performance and many employers think that you look unprofessional and naive if you add your photo to your resume. They will see what you look like when they call you; they won’t call you because of what you look like.


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