10 Things That Were Socially Acceptable 25 Years Ago That Will Get You Canceled Today

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There are more than 10 things that were socially acceptable 25 years ago that will get you canceled today. What’s considered acceptable these days is a lot different from what people remember back in the day.



At one time, smoking in public wasn’t a big deal. But once the health risks were pushed to the public people started inhibiting this practice as much as possible.

Offensive humor


This is a bit of a sticking point with a lot of people since the derogatory language, stereotypes, and other material were widely accepted back in the day. But the pushback is still in place since the nature of comedy is something that many people continue to argue about.

Pranks and harmful challenges

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This is up for debate since social media still sees plenty of people who promote this type of behavior while being lauded as funny by many people. But the idea is that it’s no longer socially acceptable.

Gender in advertising


Portraying men and women in roles that were accepted throughout the years stopped being popular a while back. A shift did occur that has continued to chip away at gender norms.

Not recycling


One has to wonder who is trying to make the norms these days since plenty of people have practiced recycling for a while. But the thing is, actively not doing it today is enough to get environmentally-conscious people angry.

Offensive comedy


The fight continues to preserve various types of comedy that are abrasive but are glaringly honest. Some people don’t believe that comedy about certain races is socially acceptable, while others believe that it’s an outlook on life that is still important.


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Paparazzi are still determined to get the pictures they want. Whether it’s socially acceptable or not, they have a job to do and they’re not shy about doing it.

Casual use of social media

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The days of just posting what you want are gone, or are they? For all that’s stressed about online security, some folks still post away without much thought of who is paying attention.

Dress codes


At one time it was expected that people would look professional when in certain spaces. There are still plenty of people who dress to impress, but diversity and inclusion have made it possible to see a more relaxed attitude in attire.

Gender roles in parenting


Things have changed in the household in a big way. The apparent gender norms that some think are worthy of canceling are still in effect, but they’re more aligned with the needs of today than many think.


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