Things to Keep in Mind to Achieve Happiness and Success

There are two things most people want in life; happiness and success. What those two things mean to people varies greatly. Some people consider success a financial goal while to others it simply means raising great kids who grow up to become great adults. Happiness might be in marriage, in work or just in life. Whatever people consider their personal visions of happiness and success is personal. However, there are three things all happy and successful people have in common.

They Aren’t Victims

Rather than blaming others for their mistakes, situations and mishaps, those who are truly happy and successful take responsibility for their actions and use that to help them move on. The man who didn’t get that promotion at work isn’t going to play the victim and act as if he deserved it but didn’t get it because of someone else. He’s going to look at see what he could improve within himself and his own character to increase his chances for that next big promotion.

The Seek Positivity

The second trait all happy and successful people have in common is their need for positivity. How many happy people do you know spend their time with negative people? None; those who are happy and successful in life seek out those who radiate positivity because those are the people who they are most like and have most in common with. There’s no room for negativity in this life.

They Control Their Thoughts

Happiness and success are not achieved with negative thoughts and self-defeating talk. Happiness and success are achieved by controlling your thoughts. No one is perfect, which means everyone has a moment in which they want to talk down to themselves, doubt themselves or imagine the worst. However, your thoughts are what attract your happiness and success. Once you learn to get rid of the bad thoughts by replacing them with good ones, you’ll learn how to control your own destiny.

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