Things Happy People do Differently

Have you ever wondered how other people always seem so happy? Take me for example. I’ve always known I’m happy; I have nothing to be unhappy about. However, I had no idea it was so obvious to others. I am asked regularly by people why I’m always so happy (and people have their private opinions…) and I never really know what to say other than I’m just happy. Even when days aren’t perfect, my kids are crazy, my husband is on my nerves, and my hair is a disaster, I’m still happy. The reason is that I have everything I need and everything I want. However, I did find out that there are things happy people do differently than unhappy people, and that makes a huge difference.

Express Gratitude

Happy people are big on thanks. They recognize that everything others do is worthy of a thank you, and they express their gratitude, even when it seems unimportant. Do you thank your husband for taking the trash to the end of the driveway every week? I do. You want to know why? I hate garbage and touching the trash can freaks me out, and I’m grateful that he does it so that I don’t have to.


There are people in my life who disappoint me. Some do it regularly and some don’t. However, I’ve learned that the best way to move on from my disappointment is to forgive them. Note, however, that forgiving does not mean forgetting. There are people who I think have made terrible decisions and proceed to hurt themselves on a regular basis, and I don’t want them in my life anymore. I forgive their actions and then move on.

Avoid Comparison

Happy people don’t compare themselves to others. For one, there’s no comparison. You are you, and I am me and we are not the same person. Why would you want to be someone else in the first place? To be brutally honest, I don’t compare myself to others because I don’t think their lives are as good as mine. I don’t think their kids are as cute, their jobs as great, their husbands as wonderful…I’m happy with what I have to the point that what others have doesn’t do anything for me. Start thinking like that and you’ll be happier in no time at all.


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