20 Things Americans Do Better Than Other Countries

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Without a doubt, it is quite evident that the United States is ahead of many countries in different areas. From food to technological advancements, Americans are way ahead of most other countries. Here are 20 things Americans do better than any other country.

Technology and Innovation

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For the past two decades, the USA has led the way in innovation and information technology, especially in Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is famous for big tech companies like Google and Apple. It is also a place where lots of new startups are born, making it a hotspot for entrepreneurs and unicorns.

Higher Education

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There are many prestigious institutions all across the globe. However, universities in America, like MIT or Harvard, have more applications than universities in other countries. Moreover, advanced research and academic excellence have become the primary reasons for this trend. Students all around the world tend to choose American universities over other colleges in the world.

Restaurant Substitutions

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Unlike restaurants in different countries, menu alterations are generally allowed in restaurants in the U.S. The menu system is quite flexible in the U.S.; the chef can alter the menu according to the food items available. However, in many countries, the staff is not allowed to even change the sauce on the menu.

Hitchhiking is Normalized

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The hitchhiking culture is generally normal in the U.S. Americans are often seen hitchhiking with random strangers in America to travel interstate. However, in other countries, people tend to prohibit hitchhiking due to safety concerns. Moreover, this displays the trust Americans have in each other when it comes to helping strangers in need.

Halloween Season

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Halloween season is quite popular in the U.S., unlike any other country. The festival of decorated pumpkins and themed treats is enjoyed by almost all age groups in the United States. Moreover, after social media exploded, people from different countries started adapting to this festival. Still, the Americans are on top when it comes to celebrating this spooky season.

Theme Parks

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In the United States, kids have numerous options when it comes to choosing to visit themed parks. Americans have a lot of options, like Disneyland, Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom Park. Moreover, themed parks in the United States serve as tourist sites for many foreigners. However, there are very few themed parks in other countries.

Grocery Variety

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The United States is known for its endless options when it comes to choosing grocery items. In the United States, cereals, candies, and even drinks have so many options available. However, in other countries, there are limited options available for grocery items; for example, when someone wishes to drink soda, there are only 4-5 flavors to choose from.

Accessible Buildings

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Almost all American buildings have ramps for differently-abled people and senior citizens, unlike buildings in other countries. In many countries, some buildings do not provide wheelchairs or even ramps for differently-abled citizens. Moreover, the majority of buildings in America have access to elevators for senior citizens, unlike buildings in other countries.

Well-Mannered Citizens

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American people are considered to be some of the most cheerful and nicest people. They tend to help people, even though they are strangers to them. Americans like to hype other people, even for their minimalist wins. However, in other countries, people try to maintain distance from other people and mind their own business.


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The United States is known for its burgers and fast food. The major burger-selling restaurant chains like Burger King or McDonalds originally came from the United States. Moreover, people tend to like burgers from even street vendors. However, in other countries, there are not many burgers that can compete with gourmet American burgers.


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The United States is known for its entertainment industry in Hollywood. Almost all big production houses like Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, and Paramount Pictures are originally from the United States. The popularity of Hollywood is far ahead of any other entertainment industry in the world. Moreover, it is a dream for foreign actors to act in Hollywood movies.

Road Systems

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The US has one of the best road systems in the world. Our interstate roadways are identifiable by one or two digit numbers. They are designed in a grid-pattern. Roads running in the north and south directions are assigned odd numbers. Roads running in the east and west direction are assigned even numbers.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Americans are known for their business minds and spirit of working hard on their own business. The startup culture initially bloomed in America. Americans tend to learn business tactics from a very early age in their lives, unlike citizens in other countries. Therefore, it is not a surprise that the majority of the big companies originally came from America.

Freedom of Speech

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The news agencies in America are independent, and even the government has no control over the media. Media agencies stand to provide unbiased news to Americans. However, in many other countries, news agencies are partially or fully controlled by the government. Therefore, freedom of speech is quite flexible in America when compared to other countries.

Space Administration

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The United States is known for NASA, which is their space administration initiative. The advanced technology used by NASA is still unparalleled by any other space administration in the world. Moreover, the fact that the information and photos regarding their missions are publicly accessible is quite well appreciated by almost all Americans.

Restrooms are Free to Use

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Unlike the United States, many countries charge citizens to use public restrooms. However, there is a different scenario in America, where restrooms are free of charge. Moreover, in almost every public restroom in America, there are separate cabins available for differently-abled citizens. Therefore, it is quite evident that America has better restroom services than other countries.

Military Power

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The United States is known for its profound military units. Unlike any other country, the American military is quite advanced when it comes to technology or human strength. A big portion of the American budget goes to the military. Moreover, an American soldier tends to be more patriotic and disciplined than soldiers from other countries.


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America is known as the land of opportunity, and because of this, many immigrants from different countries settle in America. Citizens from different countries choose to migrate to the United States before other countries due to several business opportunities. However, other countries have strict rules and regulations against immigration activities.

Music Industry

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The music industry of America is quite rich with different genres of music. Unlike any other country, American songs are immensely popular among people across the world. Moreover, many American musicians grab a ranking in the top charts every year. Therefore, American music is way ahead when compared to music from other countries.


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In America, teenagers are advised to choose a physical sport to play. Unlike any other country, Americans are quite active in sports from a very young age. They understand how to balance their extra-curricular activities and academic studies. Therefore, many professional athletes from America are grabbing medals in international tournaments.


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