The Types of Friends Every Woman Must Have

You know without a doubt that your friends are important to you. They are the people you call when you want to talk to someone about anything exciting or sad. They are the people you love to spend time with, and the ones who make you laugh harder than anyone else. Did you know that your friends can protect you from becoming obese? Or that having good friends can make your life longer, richer, and fuller? Well, it’s true. Here are the eight friends every woman must have.

The Childhood Friend

Never is there another time in your life when you feel as carefree and alive as when you are a child. A friend from those days remembers you when you were an awkward, boy-crazy, silly girl of 12 and she loves you for it. She will remind you of stories that you forgot. She knows your family, what your life what like, and how you were raised.

The New Friend

She doesn’t remember you when you were an awkward, boy-crazy 12 year old. She will help you learn new things about yourself, teach you new things about life and your interests, and she won’t have any preconceived notions of the kind of person you are. And you weren’t mean to her as a child, so she won’t remember you at your worst.

The Workout Buddy

This is the girl who makes sure you look good all the time, because she inspires you. She’s the one you can call to hit the gym at 6 am or to make sure you don’t overindulge at your Christmas parties. Aside from that, working out is one of the best things you can do for yourself, which is why you need this girl in your life to call when you want to golf, or swim, or jog.

The Spiritual Friend

We’re not suggesting you befriend the lady who rings your doorbell and asks you if you’d like to find Jesus every Tuesday morning (may I suggest that you tell her to stop coming to my house?), but having a spiritual friend will help you to keep a good balance. She won’t push her religion in your face, but she will serve as a reminder that God is present and that he is there for you.

The Young Friend

This is the friend who puts everything in perspective. I have a young friend. Her name is Whitney – she’s 21. Whitney makes me feel older than you know what, but she also makes me feel young again. When we’re out for dinner or drinks, she’s the one pushing us to have a good time and stay out just a little longer, because we only live once. She’s also the person who knows what things like WTF and STFU mean, and can easily explain them to us old folk. As my husband likes to say every time we see Whit, “Everyone should have a Whitney in their life.”

The Husband’s Friends

For better or worse: What that really means is “his good friends and his obnoxious moron pals”. Kidding. Mostly. When you become friends with your spouse’s friends and their wives, it means you’ll spend more time together as a couple. You will feel more like going out as a group rather than just the guys or just the ladies, which will only strengthen your bond.

The Mother

Yes, your mom. You should be friends with your mom, and not just when you need her to babysit your kids for a few hours. A strong, supportive bond with your mom will make you feel richer and happier. Stop blaming her for things she did to you growing up and just love her for the crazy, overbearing, sometimes wrong and night quite fair woman that she really is. She’s your mom, and she loves you.


You should be your own best friend. If you don’t like you, no one will.


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